About Us

Behara food Industry producing since 2009. It is a joint investment food industry with Lorenz company from Germany. Lorenz Co. has been producing potato chips & Snacks for past 120 years, they are producing in 5 European and export to 81 countries.

In 2009 new management of Behara Co. came up with new ideas to have their own new brand "Chuckles" in same time to upgrades their products Behara purchased the latest snack production technology in the world , In order to have high quality snacks along with producing Lorenz Crunchips. Now Behara producing variation of delicious and healthy snacks and potato chips which they have good nutrition value. Behara is first Co. to produce Spiral shape snack in Iran and it sells very good in market. Chuckles snacks now produce in Ball, Ring, Stick and finger shapes with different flavor like cheese, cheese and vegetable and hot ketchup.


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